Aym Business Consulting has more than 35 years of experience in Information Technology and Business Consulting for small business.
Our company has grown, over the years, side by side with both the "personal computer" industry and the Internet.
We have survived that long in a volatile and ever-changing industry because we "get it".

We understand:

  • We are here for our clients’ benefit – not vice-versa
    • Our clients ALWAYS COME FIRST
  • Our clients rely on us to keep their software and data secure and current
  • When it comes to the user interface change is a bad thing
    • It requires re-training of our clients’ employees
    • It leads to mistakes, confusion and lost sales
  • On-going support and accessibility is key for long term use of our products
  • Every successful business has their own way of doing things
    • Our software must be both adaptable and customizable
    • We shouldn’t force the client to adapt the way they operate to be able to use the software
    • We should be willing adapt our software to the client’s way of doing things

So, if you have been looking for a company like ours, we are looking for a company like yours.